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Vocal Lessons

 I have been teaching people to sing ever since my Jazz Degree in 2011.  I love helping people to push past the fears of singing because I used to be afraid to sing myself (and still am sometimes) but I know the joy of letting courage override fear and letting ourselves be heard.  

I like to encourage my students to write their own music or at least make each song their own by using improvisation as well as playing with vocal style and technique.  I think my backing in jazz and vocal pedagogy matched with my years of industry experience as an artist gives me a solid holistic approach to teaching.
  • Vocal Warm Ups

  • Accent Method Breathing

  • Style

  • Phrasing

  • Improvisation

  • Song Writing

  • Extending Range

  • Building Vocal Power

  • Music Theory

  • Make a Song YOUR own

Beginner Piano

I kinda just fell into teaching piano to beginners because it goes so well hand in hand with singing.  With basic piano skills you can play your own scales to warm up to, understand music theory, and accompany yourself.  You can also begin to write and compose your own music without relying on anyone else (very freeing and exciting).  

  • music theory

  • reading music

  • chord theory

  • accompany yourself!

  • song writing

Zoe has provided solutions and ways to sing my lyrics in songs that I could never have thought of on my own.


Zoe's experience and professionalism is very evident in all of her sessions, and I feel I've found the perfect vocal coach for me. 


I feel very confident going forward in recording vocals for my album and preparing for live performances with Zoe's assistance.


I enjoy the tailored made structure Zoe provides for me in each session, and the comfortable environment in which she offers her work.


I was impressed from the very first session in the leaps and bounds I made right from the start of our vocal coaching together.


I recommend Zoe's service's to anyone who would like to have a big upgrade in their singing abilities.


- Alegria Sa Luna

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