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The Invitation

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NEXT WORKSHOP 26th November 2022 in Brunswick Heads

Zoe Everest is the Founder of The Invitation, a unique workshop experience combining Shaking Medicine with Zoe's life-long love for the voice, music, and other ancient, empowering embodiment practices.


A culmination of over 15 years of performance experience gained under stage name Ladi Abundance, Zoe Everest blends knowledge from her years of studies in the Bachelor in Jazz Performance, Post-Graduate Diploma in Vocal Pedagogy, and SAE Certificate in Electronic Music Production with Shaking Medicine to offer an innovative and potent fusion of modalities to support ease and wellbeing. 


Zoe works with the spectrum of states of heightened arousal and deep relaxation, inviting dance and voluntary movement as well as leading traditional vocal exercises, toning, and singing as a group as a means of gently escorting individuals toward involuntary shaking and letting go. 


The Invitation Workshop cycles between expression, free movement, posture, and deep quiet, a combination of activities that have been used for millennia for powerful healing and wellbeing, but rarely in combination. By closely guiding the arousal and relaxation response, Zoe helps workshop attendees soothe nervous systems, liberate voices, and open to receive the many emotional, energetic, and physical benefits of Shaking Medicine and vocal practice.  


Experienced in guiding individuals and groups, Zoe has worked one-on-one and as a guide and facilitator in many ceremonial and community choir settings and has used traditional vocal exercises, warm-ups, vocal toning, breath, and singing as a medium for self-discovery, expression, and connection for many years. By adding the therapeutic tremoring of Shaking Medicine to her workshop toolkit, Zoe galvanises the power of community and presence as a possible portal for deepening individual relaxation and connection to self and others through shared transformative practice.  


Having faced her own traumatic losses through learning the power of embodied approaches to trauma and healing, Zoe feels blessed to be able to support others rediscover ease, restoration, and liberation through her unique workshop offerings.


Whether in group or on-on-one, Zoe loves to support individual needs and design workshops that respect the safety, space, and focus of participants. Bringing a light, playful and loving presence to her work, Zoe has designed the Invitation Workshop to be a safe, fun, and inclusive experience for all ages to bring bodies back into balance and to elevate, expand, and evolve in love and freedom together. 


You are always invited. 


"Thank you so much Zoe!  I haven't connected to myself like that in years" - Shannon 

"All I can say is I'm just in pure bliss" - Mariana 

"That was like a day spa for my vagus nerve" - Christina 

" I was able to feel supported to let go of trauma, so thankful" - Milli

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