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Australian-born and Northern Rivers based indie artist, Ladi Abundance draws on diverse influences from jazz, electro-pop, R&B and soul.

A vocalist, pianist and producer, Ladi Abundance weaves live looping and vocal harmonies with self-produced electronic beats and live instrumental pieces to create melodic, harmony rich and dramatic downtempo urban grooves.

For a decade, Ladi has celebrated as a constantly evolving and dynamic artist moving from leading her 9 piece Brisbane based band, Ladi Abundance Project towards her solo career in 2016, which marked a new beginning and work on her first wholly self-produced electronic music and live shows.

Ms Abundance's live shows can range from laid back soulful pop and R&B melodies to passionate groove and harmony driven electronic loops that can stir the spirit and inspire movement. Intricate and sometimes spontaneous, her performances will always feature her signature vocal layers, and cover themes that span a spectrum of fragility and empowerment, social critique, loss, love and lust, inviting an openness in audiences by allowing them to share in stories of the heart and spectate in an on-going journey of personal growth and transformation. 


Over her career, Ladi has regularly played the Australian East Coast festival circuit since her debut in 2011, including: Woodford Folk Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Island Vibe (Stradbroke Island), Byron Spirit Festival, and Wallaby Creek (FNQLD), as well as Melbourne's Sisters for Sisters and Seven Sisters Festivals.

After the successful release of her debut EP, "Slice You Up" in 2013, Ms Everest found a second home in Bali, gaining a fresh perspective and muse in the land and culture, which inspired her first official music video and single, "More Time With My Soul," from her 2015 LP, "Softening to Saturn." She has since found inspiration in India, performing in Goa, as well as from supporting touring artists at home, such as Ngaiire and Deya Dova.

Moving crowds from Asia to Melbourne with honest and heart-felt performances, Ladi launched her self produced down tempo ambient rub offerings the light and shade self produced EPs entitled "The Comfort of The Light and "What Happens In The Dark in 2019.  Touring Berlin and the greater parts of Germany as a solo act.

Since becoming a mother in 2020, Ladi is just emerging again, out of the chrysalis that is the parent initiation, and into a new integrated version of herself.  This is reflected in her music, currently being created that combine soulful stories of hope and spirituality with ambient dance grooved.  A few notable collaborations to be announced soon!



     Show Highlights
  • Kaduka (Berlin) 2019
  • Bar Bobu (Berlin) 2019
  • Supporting Lauren Lucille (Germany) 2019
  • Garden of Dreams (Goa India) 2018
  • Seven Sisters Festival (VIC) 2017
  • Earth Frequency Festival 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
  • Woodford Folk Festival 2015
  • Wallaby Creek Festival 2015 (FNQLD)
  • Manifest Festival 2014
  • Bar Luna (Bali) 2014
  • Sisters For Sisters (VIC) 2014
  • Bullhorn Soul Review 2013
  • Ngaiire (Sydney) 2013
  • Island Vibe Festival 2012, 2011
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